About Us

We didn’t begin our careers helping people design and build log and timber houses. Don was the editor (and VP) of two major daily newspapers. Jane worked in graphic design and communications. But we’ve always lived in log and timber homes.

In the 1970s we first ordered from Ward Cedar Log Homes,  choosing the company for its premium cedar logs and reputation. We did the construction by ourselves, log by log, learning masonry, electrical and plumbing. Then we built a log home for Don’s mother. Later, we built our present Ward Cedar Log Home. In 1999, we were near retirement and ready for a new stage in our lives. We liked Ward so much that we asked for training to become authorized representatives for Ward. Then in 2009 we added Classic Post & Beam to our product line. Shortly thereafter, we added Northeastern Log Homes for clients who want a home built of Northern white pine.

All the companies we represent offer a large number of house plans. Mostly, however, clients prefer to do custom plans. That’s our forte. We listen, offer ideas and draw sample sketches. We work with clients through the design process, revisions, pricing and ordering. We are also there when the materials are delivered, and we are regularly on site during construction. One of our favorite visits is after a home is completed — to ask for suggestions.

Don & Jane Sharpe