Ward Cedar Log Homes

In 1923, a builder named Bruce Ward invented tongue-and-groove joinery for his cedar log homes. In the decades since, Ward Cedar Log Homes, the firm he founded, has become one of the country’s most respected log home companies -– manufacturing more than 10,000 homes and commercial buildings around the world.

Ward is the nation’s oldest log home manufacturing company.  Ward introduced many industry firsts, including pre-cut logs, D-shaped logs, pre-cut round purlin roof systems, butt-and-pass corners and the industry’s first complete materials package.

Cedar is the heart of Ward’s long history. Northern white cedar trees grow in abundance in the great north woods of Maine. Houlton, the area’s county seat and home to Ward’s 35-acre manufacturing facility, is in its epicenter.

Cedar is the king of woods in the log home industry. Due to natural oils in its heartwood, it is highly resistant to insects, decay, mold and mildew. Cedar offers the best insulation value per inch of any wood species and has a consistent light honey color, fine grain and smooth sheen.

Builders love cedar because it weathers well, is easy to nail and light to lift. And Ward uses no chemicals on its highly prized wood. With its large cells, cedar can be naturally air-dried, preserving its stability and strength.

Unlike the 1920s, today there are lots of log home companies. The key elements that set Ward apart from its competitors are its premium cedar, the fact that the entire house is pre-cut and ready for erection, the unique perimeter structural design (which aids conventional heating, plumbing and electrical installation), its round log beams and support posts, and the company’s construction counsel from delivery to “move-in.”

Ward also offers a half-log siding option which looks like a solid log home and boasts a super-insulated R-30 factor. This package, called the Ward Traditional Comfort System, has half-log siding with full log corners.

Every Ward home is designed to the client — shaped by individual taste, preferences, building site and budget. More importantly, the Ward team makes every effort to be sure the building experience is rewarding, and that once the house is complete, ordinary living becomes an extraordinary lifestyle.